These masks are made using pre-washed, tightly woven cottons and occasionally cotton blends.  I use two layers sewn together to contour the face for a tight fit.  Some fabrics have been dyed and many are recycled scraps from costumes, craft projects or purchased by fairy mask donors. Some have been washed post assembly to ensure color fastness. 

I've chosen to use ties instead of elastic because the elastic can irritate behind the ears. Fitting elastic on anyone smaller or larger than average can also be problematic.  For those who request elastic, it can be done! I have made a few but require more info for fitting them.  












I strongly recommend machine washing and drying before initial use and before each reuse to ensure your safety from contagions the mask may have come into contact with. Keep your mask in a ziplock bag while it's clean.  After use, wash as soon as possible. The masks can be reversible but only after washing each time!


Please visit my Etsy page for current listings.  

If you don't see a mask that you like, let me know and I will make one more suitable to your style!  

Prices for Etsy:

$15 per mask 

Beard style $18 per mask  

Surgical scrub caps upon request  $18

Free US Shipping 

If you work for a hospital or other essential business in great need, please contact me directly for inquiring about a donation of PPE.  

Thanks for doing your part to keep us all safe, 




Toddler: 1-4 years 

Kids: Up to 12 years old 

Adult:  Teens, average adult

Large:  For extra large, or extra tall adults.  Suitable size for wearing over N95 masks. 

Beard: Bandana style, average sized adults with beards.

**These masks are not approved by the CDC, nor do they contain filters or wires around the bridge of the nose.  They do cover your face in public, stylishly and effectively.  When worn appropriately, they provide protection by reducing your exposure to air born particles and in turn, reduces the transmission of your own germs.  These masks do not diminish your need to remain socially distant from others in public, at least 6 feet apart! **

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Updated May 2020