"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul " Dieter  F. Uchtdorf

Marguerite in Faust, Omaha Opera 

Costume Design by Kaye Voyce 

Pattern and build by Jillian Coratti

(13 yards of silk)

Homebound/ALAALA, A World Premiere Ballet Hispanico,  March 2019

The Joyce Theatre, NY

Costume Design by Amanda Gladu

Patterned and built by Jillian Coratti

Photos by Paula Lobo

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Artemisia, Trinity Wall Street New York

Design collaboration with Ika Avaliani

Patterned and built by Jillian Coratti

Ellen West, A World Premiere

Opera Saratoga

"10 very ill fitting dresses"  July 2019

Costume Design by Kaye Voyce   

Pattern and Build by Jillian Coratti

Audience review and performance clips 

Puebla and Navidad 

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Costume Design by Amanda Gladu

Pattern and build by Jillian Coratti, Embellished by Calpulli

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Montclair State University Staff Draper

Twelfth Night, Costume Design by Student Amanda Lee

Alterations, embellishments and crafts, and

Olivia dress pattern and build by Jillian Coratti

Company, Costume Design by Student Courtney Smith

Pink jumper, teal dress and yellow dress pattern and build by Jillian Coratti 

Williamstown Theatre Festival 2017

A Legendary Romance Costume Design by Tracy Christensen

Draped by Jillian Coratti and built with help from shop

Clean House Costume Design by Anita Yavich

Production line/alteration management by Jillian Coratti 

Studies in Draping and Patterning

At University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music

© Jillian Coratti 

Updated May 2020